Rione Pilates.

Pilates is not just technique or method; it is a community of people who find that this method changes their lives for a myriad of reasons.
To attain this level of accomplishment the right environment is extremely important.

Individual and small group classes are the basis for deep, meaningful Pilates work. Individual classes permit the teacher to fully explain the basics of the technique. One on one training offers the student the opportunity to understand intellectually and to physically assimilate the intricacies of the Pilates method.

Private sessions on the apparatus and mat insure that the student is able to fully apply the 6 principles of Pilates:


After the basics are fully absorbed by the student and he/she can apply them during the training session, opting for a small group setting is acceptable and often necessary from a cost standpoint.

In order to maintain the quality of the learning experience, it is advisable to train in small groups of two (duet) or three (triple). Group classes involving more than three on a Reformer or Cadillac at any one time may be fine for teachers or super advanced clients, but it is not advisable for beginning or intermediate students.

Teachers: let’s keep the sense of community in Pilates by keeping the quality of the experience high and the number of students low. Your practice and that of your students will grow as a result.